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A Lapse In Judgment Shouldn’t End A College Career

Many college careers have been cut short as a result of arrests and criminal convictions. Even relatively low-level charges such as possession of marijuana are typically a violation of the student code. Disciplinary actions may include loss of scholarships and financial aid eligibility, suspension and possibly expulsion. If you fail to deal with an arrest quickly, it may impact the rest of your life.

Here at Dean Watts, Attorney at Law, we have represented area college students facing criminal charges for two decades. Our experience working within the local court system gives us insights into how judges are likely to view a student’s offense. We understand the ramifications of an arrest for college students and how to appeal to the mercy of the court.

Defending Students Who Make Mistakes

For most students, college is their first time dealing with the freedom of making choices without oversight. It’s not uncommon for college kids to report feeling stress and anxiety; feelings that can lead to acting out of character and making mistakes they regret later. We focus on defending students who have simply made an error in judgment. Our student clients are typically kids who have been arrested for things such as:

  • DWI
  • Possession of marijuana
  • Felony possession of a controlled substance such as methamphetamines or cocaine

We can help you understand all of the possible options for your college student given their circumstances. If a “guilty” verdict seems likely, we may be able to petition to have the conviction sealed. We can also investigate to see if you are eligible for a pretrial diversion program or other actions that can minimize charges, avoid prosecution or clear your record of past charges.

Providing Counsel For Administrative Hearings

Colleges do not allow attorneys to speak on behalf of students at an administrative hearing. However, we can attend the hearing and provide guidance and advice in formulating a defense strategy. Our goal in all cases involving college students is to minimize the impact of arrests and convictions on the student’s life and academic career.

For Help With College Student Legal Trouble, Contact Dean Watts, Attorney at Law

If you are a college student and have been charged with a crime, acting quickly is critical to minimizing the impact on your life and academic career. The sooner you contact a criminal defense attorney for college students, the more likely you are to find a way to have your charges dropped or minimized. Contact Dean Watts, Attorney at Law, by calling (936) 559-9288 or filling out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.