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We All Make Mistakes, But Some Have More Impact Than Others

Being young is all about learning from mistakes. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes can have serious legal consequences. While many of us wish we could just move on and count a moment of poor judgment as a learning experience, we often have to face the repercussions. However, a bad decision shouldn’t necessarily cause lasting consequences or destroy your experience of milestones like college.

Don’t Let A Mistake Destroy Your Future

Based in Texas, Dean Watts, Attorney at Law, has represented countless young people who’ve found themselves in situations where their own naïve decisions could cost them their future if they don’t get quality legal assistance. Parents commonly feel helpless when their young adult children have taken on the newfound freedom college affords. That anxiety is heightened when legal trouble arises, and it’s important to understand that having an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf can sometimes make or break future success.

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Representing A Range Of Legal Issues

Attorney Dean Watts offers numerous services related to criminal law, including:

  • Criminal defense for misdemeanors and felonies, including DWI and drug charges
  • Record expungement and pardons
  • Probation timelines, including early release
  • Parole terms

In addition, attorney Watts helps clients obtain occupational licensing.

You Have A Chance To Turn Your Future Around

There is no reason to settle for an altered future when you can build a case alongside a legal professional with over two decades of representing clients. Whether you’re in need of help negotiating the terms of your parole or need a defender for criminal charges, attorney Watts welcomes you to step up and reach out.

Don’t Wait To Reach Out

With his casual, approachable open-door policy, attorney Dean Watts makes it easy to take action. If you need help with criminal charges or related issues, don’t wait. Start planning your case now by calling (936) 559-9288. You can also reach out online, or visit in person at his Nacogdoches office.